Our Events

We host two events every month, and organize fishing trips throughout the year. For more information and reminders about our events and meetings, check out our Facebook page or signup for our email list.

1st Saturday of Every Month 9-11 AM
Casting Clinic at Billish Park on North Padre Island

2nd Thursday of Every Month 7-9 PM
Meeting and Fly Tying
Location varies, but is usually B&J's Pizza. Check Facebook or get email updates for details.

Guest Speakers and Featured Fly Tyers

At some of our meetings, we'll have guest speakers and featured tyers. If we have one scheduled, we will send an email and post to our Facebook page. Past presentations have ranged from talks on the sea turtles at Padre Island National Seashore, to guides on how to fish some of the best rivers in the world, to lifecycles of shrimp and menhaden in the coastal bend.

Impromptu Fishing Trips

Several of our members organize impromptu fishing trips, whether it's just 2 or 10 people. The best way to find out about these fish outings is to visit us on Facebook or reach out to our members online or at a meeting.

Casting Instruction

If you can't make it to our monthly casting clinic, or you'd like some 1-on-1 time with an experienced caster, we'd be happy to help. Contact Don Alcala for more information.